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  Happiness is a choice. It’s a mindset and a decision to make. Joining Dhomonique Murphy on today’s podcast is Jill Liberman, the Founder of Choose Happy, LLC, and author of a book of the same name. Jill is a mega-successful television personality, former radio show host, author of four bestselling books, a motivator, and a mom. […]
  It is so easy to think of success as being rich and famous. But for guest, Jeff Hoffman, success is not a destination; rather, it’s a platform to enable you to finally do something that matters. In this episode, he sits down with host, Dhomonique Murphy, to share with us his journey towards success […]
  Humans as we are, we don’t feel happy all the time. We go through cycles of emotions and even experiences that leave us feeling sad. But just because it is so, doesn’t mean that we can’t try and make ourselves as happy as we could. Dhomonique Murphy interviews someone who has a manual to […]
  Founded in 1959 as International Orphans, Inc., Childhelp is one of the largest non-profit child abuse prevention and treatment organizations in the nation. Today, its founders, Yvonne Fedderson and Sara O’Meara, join Dhomonique Murphy to talk about what their organization is doing and the auxiliaries they are starting up in all of the states. They […]
  What does it take to become an extraordinary human being? In this episode, you will learn that it has everything to do with being authentic, which means figuring out your purpose in life. “You can be anything you want to be” sounds like a cliché that’s too good to be true until you meet […]
  There is so much wisdom to be learned from other people. Those who write about them are gateways for us to receive those. Mitzi Perdue—businesswoman, author, and public speaker—is a great example of someone who holds stories that are encouraging, uplifting, and motivational. Sitting down with Dhomonique Murphy, she shares some of those stories about […]