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A crisis introduces us to our true character, and we never know how strong we are until we’re tested and being strong is our only choice. The goal is for us to emerge better, stronger, smarter, and faster than we were when we entered the experience. In this episode, Dhomonique Murphy talks to Dan Clark. Dan is an author, motivational speaker, athlete, musician, songwriter, screenwriter, and one of our world’s thought leaders. He discusses the three Es to positive action. Start eliminating the negativity and start refocusing and recalibrating your beliefs today. Don’t miss this episode.

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The Three Es To Positive Action With Dan Clark

Sitting Down With Thought Leaders In The Self Help Industry

We are here with one of our world thought leaders, Dan Clark. Dan Clark is one of my favorite humans on the planet. He is changing the world for the better. He’s an author, a motivational speaker, an athlete, a musician, a songwriter, a screenwriter, I could go on and on. He has spoken to audiences all over the world, six continents, six million people and counting. Visit Dan at Dan, welcome.

Dhominique, thanks for having me.

Thank you for being on the show.

Because of what we’ve experienced, let’s put things into perspective. Instead of calling it COVID-19 crisis, let’s call it what it is. Crisis does not make or break the man or woman. It reveals the true character within adversity is what introduces us to ourselves. No one will ever know how strong we are until being strong is our only choice. The goal is for us to emerge better, stronger, smarter and faster than we were when we entered this wilderness experience. Let me ask a couple of questions right out of the shoots, which you always ask me. During this Corona pandemic, which I refuse to call it a pandemic, it’s an experience and opportunity for personal growth, is there something that your audience, that all of us gathered together on your show should have done and wished we had done while we had this pause and purge?

The Three Es

As a songwriter, I love to make things melodic or maybe even focusing on the same letters. Let’s focus it on three Es and it’s never too late. Did you take the time to pause, purge and evaluate your current reality or your past? Did you eliminate the negative influences and times in your life where you confuse activity with accomplishment and if not, why not? Too many people are excited to rush back to the normal. My question is what part of normal is worth rushing back to? When we start talking about what we’re supposed to do, Evaluate, and Eliminate the negativity, the third E that comes to mind is Elevate our beliefs, our performance and our why. Making sure our why is bigger than our why not and that our why is our why, not someone else’s. When our why is bigger than our why not, figuring out the how-to becomes not easy, but clear and simple.

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It’s In The Pouring

Too many of us have failed to take this time to look inside and identify our strengths and weaknesses and have that man and woman in the mirror experience, which is significant about the right method. What I learned through your show and your provocative questions, and hanging out with you off camera and off microphone is that when we talk about the right things, refocus and recalibrate our beliefs, we can leave a show different than we were when we clicked it on. That’s the challenge and that’s what the right method brings to each of you and why we need to spread the good news. Case in point, if you’ve spent this entire pause and purge, this COVID-19, Corona situation wondering if your glass is half empty or half full, you’ve missed the point. It’s refillable. Filling your glass or thinking positively or negatively does not fill up the glass. The pouring does.

It’s easier to act your way into positive thinking that it is to think your way into positive action. It’s not the sugar that makes the tea. It’s the stirring. It’s the process. If you’ve spent your whole time looking at others, “They’re not doing it so I’m not. I’m going to feel sorry for myself,” or God forbid, “I’m going to become a socialist and live off the government for the rest of my life.” Instead of keeping the ambition, innovation, curiosity, and the entrepreneurship alive, which is what made America the greatest country on the planet. We’re going to let that fizzle, then shame on all of us. Let’s stop comparing ourselves with others and start competing and comparing ourselves against ourselves.

Let’s put this into perspective. If you, Dhominique, in your wisdom, charisma, passion and connections decide to organize a golf tournament to raise money for a magnificent charity, especially in these troubled times. You choose a wonderful golf course that has an eighteen-hole golf course with a 72 par and you gathered together a whole lot of us and I shoot 108. Everybody else competing in the golf tournament shoots 125. I win because I suck less than they suck. That’s a bad system. I love golf, but I’m not good. I lose balls in the ball washer. Do you think you had a tough year? I had my ball retriever regripped. I’m an author. I’ve got two new books coming out, How Do I End Up Your Fifth Putt and Awesome Second Shots Off the Ladies’ Tees.

Let’s stop competing against others and start comparing ourselves with ourselves. That’s what the right method brings to the table. It’s changing our conversation. Significance means something different to you, Dhominique. It means something different to me, but as long as we’re committed to finding and living a life of significance, we will find the right methodology that will take us from where we are to where we want to be. We have to answer, where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Who are we taking with us? If we’re by ourselves, we live shallow life. We have got to reach out and make sure our loved ones and closest friends are on this journey of significance together.

This is a snippet of what people will learn from you. Visit We have so much more from Dan over there. You and I have a fun interview with the eleven questions where we get a little unscripted and unplugged. It is fun, long-form conversation. There are many nuggets, many behind the scenes stories and your true story. Dan, thank you for being transparent with us and with our audience because you are changing the world for the better. Your story is uplifting and motivating many people around the globe.

TRM 2 | Positive Action
Positive Action: It’s easier to act your way into positive thinking that it is to think your way into positive action.


If I didn’t have the voice, if you didn’t give me the platform, then my wisdom would die inside me. I appreciate this and all of your goodness, vision and passion to allow people like me to share my experiences and what I’ve learned. I’m in the sage stage of life. I appreciate the opportunity to share little nuggets of wisdom. I’ve been over to pull up my socks and I think, “What else can I call accomplish while I’m way down here?” I go to bed healthy and wake up injured, and I’d lay there. There are some nuggets of wisdom that can come from a soul like me. I appreciate this opportunity to share them. Thanks.

The pleasure is all mine.

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About Dan Clark

TRM 2 | Positive Action

Dan’s extraordinary life includes masterminding with billionaires; serving on the Olympic Committee and carrying the Torch in the Winter Games; racing automobiles at Nurburgring and Daytona and dogsleds in the Arctic; winning the Hamilton Island Sailing Regatta in Australia; playing Augusta National and the Old Course in Scotland; riding his Road King Harley across America with the Willie G. Davidson family; riding elephants in Thailand, camels in Cairo, and starring in some feature films. Dan teaches how to network at the highest levels and influence the affluent, so you think big, play big and live bigger!

Why? Because Dan has been inspired by the extraordinary positive examples in his life! Dan’s Uncle Ellis Armstrong was chairman of the American Public Works Association, the Commissioner of Roads under President Dwight Eisenhower who conceived and developed the Interstate System, and then the Commissioner of Reclamation under President Richard Nixon who designed and built the St. Lawrence Seaway, Hoover Dam, and Aswan Dam in Egypt.

Dan’s Uncle Lloyd Butler attended Cal/Berkeley graduating in 1950. While a member of their eight-oared crew, he won the IRA Regatta, and later was named to the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team, where he and his teammates won the Gold Medal in 1948. Uncle Lloyd was later an executive with Standard Oil Company, from which he retired after a long illustrious career.

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  1. Powerful and inspiring words! I am going to apply the 3 Es to my life.

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